Terms & Conditions


Contracts & Booking Requirements

Bookings will be confirmed only upon receipt of an agreed deposit. Upon receipt of the signed contract, the performance is considered secured and subject to the cancellation policy detailed herein.

 You will receive a written copy of the contract soon after the deposit has been paid.

Venue Requirements

While the band will consult with the venue once a booking has been made, the client must also ensure that the venue is suitable for the band's performance.

The venue must provide a safe and adequate source of power, suitable for the artist's PA, stage lighting and equipment. We require a minimum of two 13-amp mains sockets for the PA &  lighting system.

The venue must provide a safe, dry and even performance area of sufficient size to accommodate the performance of the band with appropriate licenses. The stage area must be flat, dry and even, and made from a solid material of sufficient strength to support the band and their equipment.


It is the client's duty to ensure that the catering facilities provided for the guests are made available to the band.


Please note: Non-alcoholic beverages must be provided for all members of the band in consideration of driving responsibilities.

Parking & Vehicle Access

The band must be able to unload their vehicles close to the performance area. The route from the parking area to the performance area must be free of obstructions, and suitable for the movement of wheeled trolleys.

All access roads and entry points must be suitable for a transit-size van.

It is the venue's responsibility to ensure that the band is provided with sufficient parking facilities at the venue for all vehicles associated with their act. The client must arrange that these facilities be provided directly with the venue.

Set-up & Breakdown

The band takes approximately 1 hour to set-up and sound check. For example, in order to prepare for your first musical performance at 7pm, the band should be given access to the stage/performance area by 6:00pm at the latest.

The band must be able to safely and conveniently dismantle and load their equipment directly after their performance.

The band will require approximately 1 hour after the performance to dismantle their equipment and load their vehicles. Please ensure that the venue managers are aware of this requirement.

Please note: If the band is unable to breakdown their equipment directly after their performance or is in any way prevented from dismantling or loading their equipment into the vehicle, additional fees of £40 per hour will apply. 

Storage & Rest Area

The client must ensure that there is a separate, dry and comfortable indoor area for the band to change in and rest. This area should preferably be lockable and must include sufficient chairs for the entire party.

Please note: Cloakrooms, tents, kitchens, toilets and bathrooms are not acceptable for this purpose.

PA & Lighting

The band will supply their own PA & lighting equipment suitable for audiences of up to 300 people. For larger venues, the client will need to provide their own PA or arrange for the hire of suitable equipment.

Noise Restrictions

The band will always seek to play at a volume appropriate to the venue.

If power is cut off to the band's equipment and the equipment subsequently fails, or is deemed to be faulty, the venue is liable for the repair costs and/or suitable replacement of said equipment.

If either the client or the venue stops the band's performance due to volume levels, the client will be liable for the full performance fee.

The band will stop playing immediately if instructed to do so by the client, the venue manager, catering staff, police, or local council member, whereupon it is the client's responsibility to address the situation.

 Performance Duration

The performance will be no more than 4 hours, plus a 30 minute break, breaking up two full sets, and will finish by midnight unless otherwise agreed. Playing beyond midnight where not initially agreed will be at the band's discretion.

If the band is unable to set-up or start performing at the agreed time due to circumstances outwith the band's control they will not be obliged to extend their performance.

 Once the band's equipment has been set-up and tested, they may agree to leave pre-recorded music playing through their PA system before the performance and between sets. The band will bring their own selection of background music. If the client wishes to play their own music selection, or arrange for a separate act, such as a 3rd party DJ, this must be agreed with the band before the performance date.

It is agreed by the client that any of the band's equipment or instruments are not available for use by other performers or persons, including but not limited to other acts hired by the client, or members of the audience.  The client is liable for breakages brought about by guest misconduct or potential misuse by any other acts present.


Payment Details

Once the agreed deposit has been paid, the remaining balance must be paid in full no later than 14 days before the event. Failure to pay prior to the 14-day deadline may result in cancellation unless the client has agreed another arrangement with the band ahead of time.


Should the client wish to cancel a booking, the band must be given written notification, signed by the client, and sent via recorded delivery. In such situations, the following cancellation fees will apply:

  • In the event of a cancellation by the client, outwith 12 weeks prior to the performance date, the client will lose the agreed deposit but will not be liable for any further cancellation fee.

  • In the event of a cancellation by the client, within 12 weeks prior to the performance date, the client will be liable for, and required to pay, a cancellation fee of 50% of the outstanding balance.

  • In the event of a cancellation by the client, within 8 weeks prior to the performance date, the client will be liable for, and required to pay, a cancellation fee of 75% of the outstanding balance.

  • In the event of a cancellation by the client, within 4 weeks prior to the performance date, the client will be liable for, and required to pay, a cancellation fee of 100% of the outstanding balance.


 In the event of a breach of cancellation terms, the client will be liable for, and required to pay the full outstanding balance.